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Buy Flovent No Prescription, So, the promised recap of my first week of school. I drove down to Santa Barbara on Saturday, with all of my books, 50mg Flovent, shiny new pencils, 10mg Flovent, the laptop, etc. I almost went and bought Pee Chee folders out of nostalgia, Flovent usa, but based on the amount of reading, 500mg Flovent, am glad I went with the 3" binder instead. The drive down was stunning, good Mexican food in SLO, Flovent japan, rolled in nice and early around 4:30, 1000mg Flovent, so there was time to unpack before dinner. The picture to the right is our dining hall—it has those great long family-style tables that could probably seat 16 if you really had to.

Dinner was just like high school, trying to figure out who to sit with (since I didn't know anyone) or whether to sit alone...finally sat down with some folks and introduced myself, had a nice chat, and got invited to go into Santa Barbara for some friendly drinking after the non-newbies got out of class at 9, Buy Flovent No Prescription. A little light reading in my room, 20mg Flovent, and then went to wait in the lobby for what turned out to be about an hour. Flovent us, My inviter never showed up, but in the course of waiting, I ended up talking with some of the folks from the fall 07 class, 250mg Flovent, the one we were about to join, Flovent coupon, and stayed up until the wee hours with them in the student lounge. An auspicious start for someone so formerly shy.

Day 1: Orientation, Flovent canada. Buy Flovent No Prescription, Our fall classmates get to go to the beach while we get the big campus tour, a chance to shop at the bookstore (they got me 4 times, the bastards!), financial aid info, etc. Class starts after lunch, Flovent uk, and we're right into it with human development theory and Jung for the next day and a half. By the end of this first day, my butt is already sore and my brain full, 200mg Flovent. Less auspicious. Flovent overseas, Also a wonderful welcome dinner this first night, where everyone in the Humanities program eats together and we have a chance to toast those who are graduating and hear their words of wisdom. Lovely way to start off, and nice closure for those who are leaving, I think...the class graduating this term is only the second one ever since the start of the program, Buy Flovent No Prescription.

Day 2: Psych-Out. Another 9 hours packed full of development, Flovent india, discussion, 100mg Flovent, and sore asses. The fall folks, who were already here for 5 days before us, Flovent australia, are really hurting and have to stretch a lot. 750mg Flovent, Some of the wisdom from last night about pacing yourself & taking care of the body takes on new resonance. Wondering what brain yoga would look like because I feel the need for stretching there.

Buy Flovent No Prescription, Day 3: Art. Such a breath of fresh air to start the day with pictures after all of those words, Flovent ebay. We get to watch part of Rivers and Tides, 30mg Flovent, one of my favorite movies, and I suddenly want to go outside and play with rocks. Good discussions all day, Flovent paypal, very lively, Flovent mexico, and we get to make collages after dinner. Such a wonderful experience; it seemed like a lot of us regressed in a good way and just had a lot of fun cutting up images, sharing our glues sticks and scissors as we tried to represent ourselves on paper, Flovent craiglist.

Day 4: Into the Technological Beast. One last session of art in the morning, a warm goodbye circle and then lunch (did I mention that the food was completely awesome?), Buy Flovent No Prescription. In the afternoon, 40mg Flovent, the class we've been told to fear, Technology and the Global Citizen. In the end, 150mg Flovent, not so bad, although I can see that the technical requirements are intimidating at first if you're not used to them. Everybody catches on quickly though, and we choose our myths by random candy bar drawing (I get Raven, interesting—what is the universe trying to say there?) Really getting sore by this time, a little sciatic pain down the right leg. Am already making mental notes of cushy things to bring for the summer/fall session.

Day 5: More Tech & Home. Buy Flovent No Prescription, Last two sessions of class. We install Audacity to prep for the podcasting assignment, delve deeper into APA style and other arcane but necessary items we will need to master, and then at 4:30, we're out the door (one last stop at the bookstore), and I start driving home, into what turns out to be a pretty heavy rainstorm. Listened to Radio Lab podcasts all the way back, lots of synchronicities with things we'd discussed during the week, need to be on the lookout for those now that I'm in Jung-land.

So that's the summary, and it's also the preamble to some upcoming posts that may seem slightly out of character. Being basically lazy, I'm using this blog for my blog requirements in class, so if the three of you see stuff that looks suspiciously like homework, your instincts are correct. Feel free to join in the discussion though—I'm all for cross-fertilization and some interesting hybrids might just result.


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