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Adding it up for the year:

Movies Seen: 35

Books Read: 42

Pounds Gained: ~30

Jobs Quit and Gained: 1 each

Buy Abilify Over The Counter, May add more if I can think of interesting stuff. Until then, Abilify japan, Abilify craiglist, Happy New Year to you all!

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3 comments on “Buy Abilify Over The Counter

  1. hah, i love that you included the court jester in your movies.
    double hah! that you read AND saw stranger than fiction, even though they have different authors. on the off chance that it’d been a book first, i looked it up. ah well. =)
    happy new year to you too!

  2. i remember you saying you’d like to write a screenplay. i’m getting together a small group of writers who are serious about publishing in 2007. would you like to be part of it? i don’t have your e-mail but mine is: wen (at) qbabe (dot) com.
    let me know.

  3. Carol,
    what are your hopes and dreams for this new year? I’d be really interested to read your thoughts on that.

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